Our story in design and jewellery

The individual behind the brand name, is passionate and artistic in every sense. Michelle Stephanie Peratikou after completing her studies in "interior design & art" she chose to design something that was very dear to her, striking and exciting, involving both fashion and art!

All our products are handcrafted in Cyprus made with meticulous attention to detail and with a simple thing in mind: perfection. We truly feel that handcrafting is a great way forward when it comes to creating something extraordinary, something that stands out and is everlasting in its design.

The actual brand behind these creations has been fully active since 2011.

Our efforts have greatly been appreciated as our handmaking is found on various boutiques and customers are constantly coming back!

In Autumn 2015, we decided to take our brand and products online by creating an online store!

Our Philosophy

Sophisticated jewellery design transforms ordinary materials into a work of art – something extraordinary that stands out. Meticulous attention to detail is given into each and every one of our handcrafted creations reflecting our passion and love for our products.


Find Michelle Stephanie Jewellery at:



METAXA jewellery shop
(Agias Zonis, 19)
Tel.: +357 25 328300

Solo Diverso
Leoforos Makariou 172 (MELFORD TOWER)
Tel.: +357 25 252005


Foschini boutique

20. Kolonakiou Str. Linopetra
Tel.: +357 25 353060


METAXA jewellery shop
(Mall of Cyprus)
Tel.: +357 22 455590

Runway boutique
111, Athalassis Avenue
22 312800

Boukla Boukla boutique
Themistokli Dervi
Tel.: +357 22 100194


Mi Amande boutique
(Armenikis Eklisias 29B)
Tel.: +357 24 815151

Gamouflage boutique
2 Arch. Makariou Avenue
Tel.: +357 24 530252


BAROC boutique
(Protara 3)
Tel.: +357 23 828606



Prive Studio boutique
Gladstonos 28
Tel.: +357 26 912189




Sandro boutique

+30 2241 077717



Dresscode boutique

Gr. Palama 10

+30 231 124 2064

Michelle Stephanie at your Store

If you are a store owner you can contact us now to get more information on how to add our collection at your store.

Tel: +357 99 847464

Email: sales@michellestephanie.com